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Given below are the current conditions in force since they were last updated. Nevertheless, autopistas reserves the right to update, modify or remove at any time the information contained on its website and may even limit or prevent access to said information without any prior warning, especially when any technical difficulties arise which autopistas believes might reduce or override the standard security levels put in place to ensure the website runs properly.


This website is owned by Abertis Autopistas España S.A. Unipersonal, a Spanish company with registered office at Avenida del Parc Logístic, 12-20 de Barcelona (08040), with tax identification number A-81545790 and registered on the Barcelona Business Register on 4 October 2007, sheet M-355699, page 16, volume 39922, entry 13.

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As a general rule, users of the autopistas website may use the website without having to give their personal data as a precondition.

However, in cases when users require certain services and provide autopistas with their personal data, this company guarantees that this data will remain confidential and that Organic Act 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, along with its enabling regulations, will be respected by taking the necessary technical measures to maintain the required level of security.

As a result, when personal data is gathered through the autopistas portal by users filling in a form, users will be told where their data will be stored, the purpose for which their data was gathered, and the identity and address of the manager of the database in which their data will be stored, and will be informed that they may exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose processing of their data by writing to the following address: Abertis Autopistas España, S.A., Unipersonal, Avda. del Parc Logístic, 12-20, 08040, Barcelona, Ref. Personal Data.

autopistas guarantees that the personal data entered on the forms is sent in encoded form to ensure that the information is not seen by third parties.

In order to ensure the information contained on our database is permanently up to date, we ask our users to let us know of any changes or corrections to their personal data as soon as possible.

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The entire contents of the autopistas website, including, though not exclusively, the texts, documents, photographs, drawings, images, icons, graphics, audiovisual or sound contents, as well as their graphic design and source code, brands, trade names or other distinctive signs, are the exclusive property of autopistas or third parties and are protected by Industrial and Intellectual Property Acts, unless indicated otherwise.

Consequently, users should at all times respect the intellectual and industrial property rights applicable to the autopistas website that are owned exclusively by autopistas or third parties.

Any form of use, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, transfer or transformation or any other kind of dissemination of the information or features contained on the autopistas website mentioned in this section using any kind of device and medium is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised beforehand by the respective owners. The contents of this website may only be downloaded to the user’s computer if they are for the user’s own private use and are not to be used for any commercial purpose.

Infringement of any of the aforementioned rights may represent contravention of these terms and conditions and Industrial and Intellectual Property Acts, and may be a punishable offence in accordance with Article 270 and following articles in the Penal Code.


autopistas cannot guarantee continuous access or correct visualisation, downloading or use of the features or information contained on the autopistas website, which may be affected, hampered or interrupted by factors or circumstances out of its control.

autopistas is not responsible for any information or other contents found on third parties’ websites or webpages that can be accessed from the autopistas website through links or hyperlinks, or for any information or other contents found on third parties’ websites or webpages that make use autopistas’ appearance or distinctive signs.

autopistas is not in any way responsible for the information, any kinds of contents, products and services offered or rendered on the autopistas website by third parties or organisations, even if they belong to the same economic group, and in particular is not responsible for any damages of any kind linked to said products and services that may be caused by: (i) a lack of information, incorrect information, false information, unclear information or incomplete information provided to users; (ii) breaching or failing to respect contracts or precontractual agreements in an incomplete or untimely fashion; (iii) failing to respect obligations concerning those rendering information society services; (iv) infringing consumers’ and users’ rights; (v) infringing intellectual and industrial property rights; carrying out acts of unfair competition or unlawful advertising; (vi) infringing the right to data protection, professional secrecy and the rights to honour, personal and family privacy and people’s images; and (vii) in general infringement of any applicable laws, customs or codes of conduct.

autopistas is not in any way responsible for damages, losses, claims or expenses arising from: (i) interference, interruptions, faults, omissions, telephone problems, delays, jams or disconnections in the electronic system caused by defects, overloads and faults in the telecommunications lines and networks or any other cause outside the control of autopistas; (ii) unlawful interference using malware programs of any nature by any means of communication, such as computer viruses or any others; (iii) improper or incorrect use of the autopistas website; (iv) security or browsing issues produced by problems with the browser or by not using the latest version of the browser.

In any case, users of the autopistas website shall be responsible for any damages of any nature that autopistas might suffer as a result of users failing to respect their obligations as set out in this Legal Notice or because of any particular conditions applicable.


Creating links to the autopistas site from other web pages is totally prohibited without the explicit written authorisation of autopistas.

Access to the website does not imply any obligation on the part of autopistas to ensure the absence of viruses or any other harmful electronic feature. It is in any case the user’s responsibility to equip themselves with suitable tools to block and remove harmful computer programs.

autopistas takes no responsibility for any damage caused to users’ or third parties’ computer equipment while the portal provides its service.


These terms and conditions are bound by Spanish jurisdiction.

Should any disputes arise concerning access to the website, users and autopistas agree expressly to submit themselves to the courts of law of the city of Barcelona and renounce any general or special jurisdiction that may legally correspond to them.


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