To abertis, Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of understanding the role of the company in society, considering the environmental, social and economic impact of its activities, and the relationships with the various interested parties. Moreover, the integration of this triple balance allows the Group to adopt a system of continuous improvement as the basis for the company strategy.

The CSR is a globally applicable element which influences each and every business area and unit, from decision-making to working operations, as it is part of the organisational culture.


The abertis Corporate Voluntary Work Programme is an initiative driven by a group of company employees, through which abertis facilitates a framework for them to perform voluntary activities in their free time. Under the motto Join forces, various activities of solidarity are organised throughout the year.

Quality Policy             

We have a quality policy certified according to the ISO 9001, 14001 y OHSAS 18001 standards for the entirety of our activities. Every day we work with the aim of reaching the highest standards of quality in services and good practice in environmental, road safety, and health and safety at work, with sustainability criteria.

Download our Quality Policy here.