What is the e-invoice or electronic invoice?

E-invoice is the service we make available so you can conveniently receive your invoices in a digital format

Which are the allowed payment methds in e-invoice?

All ViaTs or cards are allowed, except la Caixa Multivia VíaTs and those issued by non financial issuers, in that case you must address directly to the issuer

How long does it take to activate my registration with the service?

Once you sign up, you can enjoy the benefits of this service within 48 hours.

How often are the invoices generated?

The invoices include the journeys you have made in a calendar month on all of the abertis motorways.

How long are the invoices stored for me to consult them?

With e-invoice, you can see your invoices for the last 12 months.

Do I have to request an invoice for each motorway that I use?

At present, yes. However, we are working on changes which mean that soon you will only have to register for the service once for electronic payment methods (Via T or card) to request the invoices for the journeys on all the motorways.

Regardless of the above, it may be the case that you receive invoices from different companies as each motorway operates according to the concession given to a private company within the abertis group.

I pay in cash and I want an invoice. How can my journeys be checked?

Each month you must request the corresponding invoicing via autopistas.com (it is not automatic) and send us the original receipts for your journeys

I pay by Vía T or by card. Do I have to send the receipts for the journeys?

In this case, the process is much simpler as, once you are registered for the service, you can automatically access your invoices at the Virtual Office. Unlike with cash payment, you do not need to send the receipt for the journey so this method is much more convenient.


Cómodo: Puedes consultar tu factura en el momento que quieras y desde cualquier sitio.
Rápido: Te informaremos en el momento de emitir la factura.
Ecológico: Reduce el uso de papel ahorrándote el envío postal.
Seguro: Sólo tu puedes recibir tus datos personales y de consumo en tu correo electrónico.
Válido: Misma validez legal que en papel.


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