Ethical conduct

As a company in the abertis group, abertis autopistas España, S.A. (hereafter, autopistas) attaches particular importance to its responsibility with regard to legal compliance, internal rules and regulations, ethical principles and other commitments adopted voluntarily. This insistence on complying with our responsibilities affects not only our business relations, but all group activities, both internal and external.

Our company is convinced that sustainable success in business can only be assured by following laws and standards of conduct. Legal requirements, commitments made and ethical principles voluntarily accepted all form an integral part of our structure and provide the guiding principles behind our decision making processes.

The measures we adopt to monitor our conduct in this respect form part of an integrated strategy, aligned with the rest of the abertis group and implemented through a compliance system in all its companies around the world. In this system, the cornerstone is the Code of Ethics and the measures established for its effective implementation.

abertis group Code of Ethics

Rules and Regulations Governing the Code of Ethics in Spain


Information channels

Our Code of Ethics describes the information channels that enable abertis group employees and stakeholders to:

  • Resolve any doubts over the interpretation of the Code of Ethics, as well as applicable legislation and internal rules and regulations.   
  • Report any incompliance with the Code of Ethics, applicable legislation or internal rules and regulations.

All consultations and communications regarding incidents of incompliance are confidential and will be answered and resolved.

In no case will information about ongoing investigations and their results be divulged to any parties making anonymous reports.


The information channels established are as follows:


  • Email:
  • Ordinary post: Unidad de Compliance (Compliance Unit) Av. Parc Logístic, 12-20, 08040 Barcelona.
  • Ethical channel form. The button below, “Go to the consultation and/or notification form", will lead you directly to this form.


These channels are provided exclusively for consultations and communications regarding possible incompliance with the abertis group’s Code of Ethics. Customers who wish to make suggestions, report incidents or complain about the company’s service on any of the toll roads that the group’s concessionary companies operate in Spain should do so here: Customer Care.

Proposed resolutions will be announced within the following periods of time:

  • For consultations: within a maximum of 10 working days after reception of the communication.
  • For reports of incompliance with rules: within a maximum of 45 working days after reception of the communication.

In exceptional circumstances, when duly justified, these time periods may be extended. The person making the consultation and/or reporting any breach of rules in writing must be informed of the reasons for this extension of the resolution period.


The abertis group’s Code of Ethics guarantees confidentiality and freedom from reprisals with regard to all consultations and/or reports of incompliance with rules that are made in good faith. Accordingly, to ensure maximum efficiency in resolving such communications, users are advised to provide as much information as possible about their consultations and reports of incompliance.


autopistas Local Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee

autopistas has established a Local Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee whose main function is to ensure compliance with the abertis group’s Code of Ethics and Compliance Policy. The committee’s tasks also include working to prevent any crimes that may be committed at autopistas

The main principles that guide the actions of the Local Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee are: honourability, independence, objectivity, confidentiality, fairness, due hearing and non-reprisal.


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