El Mèdol Roman Quarry
El Medol

El Mèdol, Roman remains as you travel along the AP-7

Next to the Mèdol service area on the AP-7 toll road (km. 237) is the Roman Mèdol quarry, considered by archaeologists as the most important in Catalonia due to its spectacular size and condition.

It covers 11 hectares and is one of the 13 sites comprising the architectural ensemble of Roman Tarragona, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The stone quarried at Mèdol was employed in some of the most important buildings of Tarraco (modern-day Tarragona), capital of Hispania Citerior (Nearer Hispania) during the time of the Republic and the Roman Empire. It was used in some of the monuments we can still see today, such as the city walls (dating from the 3rd to 2nd centuries BC), the amphitheatre (2nd century AD) and the circus and the Provincial Forum of Tarragona (1st century AD). Mèdol stone was also prominent in the city’s decoration, in sculptures, altars and for various inscriptions. The stone was brought to the city along the Via Augusta, which partly coincides with the route of today’s AP-7 toll road, or by sea.

Its location in the Clot area means that in addition to its historic appeal it also has special cultural and environmental interest and enormous ecological value.

It is now much easier to get to the site and an interpretation and education centre has been set up to provide information about the quarry’s functions and its historical and environmental wealth.


Abertis Autopistas cultural recovery project

This visit is possible thanks to the refurbishment and upgrading work carried out in 2013-2014 by autopistas and the abertis Foundation which included archaeological and geological improvement of the old stone quarry area and involved €1.5 million in investment by autopistas as part of its 1% cultural contribution.


Take advantadge to:
  • Visit the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona.
  • Enjoy the attractions and the exotic atmosphere of the Port Aventura Park.
  • Go hiking in the Mountains of Prades.


Further Information:

    El Mèdol

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El Mèdol
El Mèdol
How to get there?
How to get there?
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