Travel comfortably and without interruptions.

Via T is the most comfortable, fastest and safest payment system for motorways. 

With Via T not only will you save time, but you will also use less fuel and contribute to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Moreover, with Via T we always offer you more discounts and special benefits.

How it works

When a vehicle equipped with Via T passes through the lane, an antenna detects it, the device emits a small beep and the barrier opens automatically so it can pass through.

On motorways which allow Via T as a payment method, the lanes equipped with this system are indicated by the following sign:


The maximum speed allowed to pass through the electronic toll barrier is 30 km/h. At higher speeds, there is a risk that the barrier will not open in time.


How to install it

In cars or light vehicles / lorries or heavy vehicles, VíaT should be placed inside the windshield (front window), in the central upper part, around 5 centimetres below the top frame, behind the rear view mirror. / on the lower central part, around 5 centimetres from the bottom frame.

If the windshield has a shaded area with dots, which covers the upper part and widens in the centre, the device should be placed there, in the widest part of the dotted area.

On motorbikes, it should be placed in the fairings, never in jackets.

Before installing, the surface of the windshield area chosen should be cleaned to ensure correct adhesion. The device should be installed permanently in the vehicle’s windshield.


Speed and fluidity

You do not have to stop, saving time. Also, if you hire Ticket eXpress, you will receive your receipt immediately to your email.


You do not need to search for money or debit cards, lower your window or collect any ticket. You simply have to moderate your speed to the limit allowed at the electronic toll booth.


The system is valid for the whole Spanish motorway network and it can generally be used by any vehicle.


You can use the lanes reserved for Via T with maximum benefits.


You can focus your attention without any distractions.


Via T is based on an advanced technology which guarantees security.

Environmentally friendly

By not stopping your vehicle, you will reduce the emission of pollutant gases.

Where to use it

You can use Via T in all toll roads marked with the symbol «T». Now you can also use Via T on Saba car parks. You can enter more comfortably without taking entrance ticket neither pass by the cashier.

When you enter your ticket into the validator, the control system will do the rest: recognize your Vía T and automatically open the exit barrier.


Via T, disfruta de la vía azul (inglés)

Where to obtain it

If you want to enjoy the comfort of ViaT, hire it now in at (900 831 111) or consult the list of issuers in