How much can I save?

The Discount simulator will help you plan your journeys. 

You can find out:

  • The discount percentage you can obtain depending on your motorway routes. 

  • The most suitable discount programme for your needs. 

How the simulator works

Indicate your routine journeys and we will show you the discounts you can obtain on autopistas

Indicate the motorway and,
if necessary, the section you use.
Indicate the type of vehicle: light
(cars and motorbikes) or heavy (4 or more axles).
Pago en efectivo

On some sections of the C32 and C33 motorways, environmentally friendly vehicles (with low emissions) can obtain a monthly discount of up to 30% on their journeys.


  • Use a light vehicle with low emissions. Requirements: CO2 emissions: petrol < 120 gr/km and diesel < 108 gr/km
  • Choose ViaT as payment method and always pay for your journeys with the same ViaT.
  • Make your journeys from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
  • Sign up for the discount via or and send the required information.


Applicable to the electric vehicles in C-32 and C-33 motorways which can obtain a 100% discount.


  • Use an electric vehicle.
  • Register on the Government of Catalonia’s ECOVIAT website and provide the information you are asked for.
  • Pay for your journeys by Vía T.


En algunos tramos de las autopistas C-32 y C-33 los vehículos con alta ocupación (3 o más pasajeros) pueden obtener hasta un 40% de descuento mensual en sus viajes.


  • Utilizar un vehículo ligero.
  • Elegir como medio de pago el Vía T y abonar tus viajes siempre con el mismo Vía T.
  • Realizar los viajes de lunes a viernes (no festivos)
  • Utilizar las vías destinadas a este tipo de vehículos, con la señal 3+

The results obtained in this search are only for guidance and do not constitute registration with the discount programme. The current commercial policies for autopistas can be found in the Discount section.