Protect yourself! Behind the barrier!!

During the summer there are more trips on toll roads, and although the chances of having an accident on a toll road is four times lower than conventional roads, it may be that speed, traffic intensity or failure to appreciate hazards lead to danger for drivers who get out of their vehicles on one.

Pedestrians are not allowed on toll roads except in the event of a breakdown or accident. However, over the last three years pedestrians have accounted for about 12% of traffic accident fatalities.

The safety rules are simple. If you have to stop on the hard shoulder, put on a high-visibility vest, get out on the right-hand side of your vehicle and get behind the barrier.

Many accidents could be avoided with just a few simple habits.

  • Stop on the hard shoulder whenever possible and signal Off the traffic lane, with dipped-beam headlights and hazard warning lights on.
  • Put on a high-visibility vest Both driver and passengers.
  • Get out of the vehicle Only on the side away from passing traffic.
  • Wait in a protected area behind the safety barrier (or higher up on the embankment if there isn’t any barrier) as far as possible from the traffic.
  • If you have to make a stop that isn’t an absolute emergency, remember that toll roads have service areas, rest areas or junctions every 30 km or every 14 minutes.


Remember: On the highway, being on the roadway means you are in danger.
Protect yourself behind the barrier!